Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cake Challenge #11 - Trifle

Not quite the usual cake challenge post granted - but the challenge is all about baking and this recipe has been made in my family for generations! It's actually not really baking and it's not really a standard recipe and in fact you don't really have to put any effort in at all - but it always tastes yummy, it only ever makes an appearance at Christmas time and it's always well received by everyone who has some.

You start by layering cake (any cake you have lying around) in the base of the bowl. I used the left over cupcakes from last weeks baking (minus the buttercream on top) on top of this add a tin of fruit cocktail and using the juice from the tin and some water make up a jelly (jello in the States) and pour on top.  Let this set in the fridge and then add a tin of custard on top. Let this set and then whip up some double cream and add this to the top then add sprinkles - whatever you have in your cupboard. Eh Voila.

This is one of those recipes that always changes and is never the same.

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Tam said...

Looks good. I don't like soggy cake/bread though. BTW - Jello is a brand name (though we use it generically). Technically, it's gelatin. :)