Monday, March 25, 2013

One Whole Month! (photo heavy)

I cannot believe that a whole month has passed and I haven't once posted on my blog. A whole month! Can you believe that? In fact I've found I have not had the time to be online much lately as I've been so busy! I manage to get onto facebook through my phone when for example I'm on a lunch break but I've not had chance to check in with anything else. If you're waiting for a reply from me on anything - bear with me and I will get to you soon! :) Promise. 

As for Feb/March - what's been happening? Let me share some i-phone photos with you and catch you up! 

No reason for this photo of Rhylee - I just like it. He's a handsome cat, even if I say so myself! :)

We celebrated my step-dad's birthday and helped him choose a new hobby - painting by numbers! Remember those as a kid? He went to China a couple of years ago and has been interested in Panda's ever since so the two seemed to go hand in hand!

I made him a cake for his birthday - it was huge! This is just one slice.  It was yummy though!

It was of the school mini bus he drives every day - not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but at least you can tell what it is! :)

I got sick again for a while - my glandular fever came back and I was in bed for a few days. I was kept company by Ramsee and caught up on some TV.

Someone I work with asked me to make a cake for their relatives birthday. Pretty plain, but they loved it.

I gorged on this icecream desert at a restaurant. In fact, I've been out for 6 meals this month! Wow!

That's not including this coffee shop stop when I went shopping for the day with my mum! I swear she could have swum in that cup!

My dance classes had a lot of upheaveal for all kinds of reasons. One of the main things that happened was that we had to switch to another hall. This one is much bigger and has a great stage to teach from.  We also started up a Thursday evening class, which means teaching twice a week for a while.

I made a cake for my friend Ross' birthday. He likes dragons and mythical creatures - hence this cake topper I made from fondant icing.

It started snowing again! In March? I mean - really! So annoying. Luckily it hasn't really been settling, but it's just been very very cold.

I was asked to make a cake for my friends one year old. A princess castle with all the trimmings. I spiced things up a little and made this one a toffee flavoured cake. It was a big hit!

Close up of the castle.

At work we did our bit in supporting Comic Relief and Red Nose Day fundraising. This splat the rat game was in our canteen area at work -  a "rat" was dropped in the top of the drain pipe and you had to hit it as it came out of the bottom.

I had a few custom card orders - This one for a boy called James who is leaving his school to move to Australia.

And this moving card for a friend at work.

I also have been busy with my friend Stephen setting up a new wedding invitation business.

I have been creating lots of samples for our website. CLICK HERE.  We are hoping to get our first sale soon.

 We had a mini photo shoot, but the weather has been so dark lately - we need to do it again. The photos have a little bit of a tinge to them!

It has meant I have spent some time in my craft room though - it seems to me with all the stash I have amassed I will be very grateful to move out in May when I have my new craft room to decorate (excited)

So yes - there we have it. My month in review! I promise to try and make more effort with the blog this month. I need to catch up on my baking challenge too - whilst I have been baking and decorating cakes I haven't really been baking any "new" ones. Maybe I should start with this Easter?! :)

Have a great day!

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