Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Christmas Album Finished

May I warn you now - this post is photo heavy! 

I finished my Journal Your Christmas Album! You may recall I've previously posted pages 1-9 for the first 9 days in December.... well I will now share with you the rest of my album (and in turn my Christmas celebrations!)

You will also note that I am being incredibly lazy and leaving the pages inside the album sleeves! I put them all away neatly then realised I forgot to take photos to share. You'd think I was a beginner in this whole scrapbook blogging thing wouldn't you?!

Anyway - 10th December is a page about my first lot of Christmas baking. Some festive cookies for a colleague at work.

11th December is a page about my Mum - she found some rudolph antlers in the cupboard so insisted on wearing them for the rest of the day.  I LOVE this paper selection from Basic Grey. I barely had to do anything to this page, just add a few scraps.

12th December is a page about our new light this year. A handsome penguin lighting up our porch. All I did was add a photo and date to this page but I think it's one of my favourites. I seriously love this paper for speed and quickness in scrapping!

13th December is when I went for lunch to a restaurant called Little Budda. Delicious food and I went back again later that month.

14th December I divided my team at work into boys and girls, gave them some cotton wool, buttons, glue an googly eyes and challenged them to make a snowman. It was hilarious team building fun and this was the result.

15th December an online scrappy friend and her daughter received the gift I'd sent across the pond to America. I was tagged in some lovely photos on facebook of Jenna opening her gift. It really made my day and so I scrapped them! (thanks Michelle!)

16th December a colleague at work won a giant hamper of goodies I made for a training competition I have been running. You can kind of see the beanstalk I placed on the side of a filing cabinet (everytime someone did some personal development they added a leaf to the beanstalk and the one with the most leaves won)

17th December it was all about the hot chocolate! Need I say more?!

18th December I dressed up as Santa (yes thats me in the mirror in the photo on the right! ) Once more it was something fun to do but the purpose was a line dance social we held for our line dance class.

Sticking with 18th December for a bit - this is two of my dancers dressed up!

And a page of some of the dancing.

We hold a "piggy pot" competition each year whereby we have a piggy bank that people buy raffle tickets for a £1. The money goes right into the piggy bank and the winning ticket drawn from a hat wins the piggy pot and it's contents.  Of course an embarrassing big balloon needs to go with the prize !:)

On 19th December it was my turn to receive a gift from America! My friend Michelle (another one) sent a goodie box which was crammed with loveliness. Is that a word? It is now! :)

20th December, a work colleague got a new tree for her desk. She still had the one from the previous year (which was dead) so we had a little ceremony to say goodbye to the old one!

21st December is all about our Christmas tree - we put the gifts underneath it in anticipation for Christmas !

22nd December - sticking with the tree theme I picked out a photo of thee new ornament I purchased this year. A father Christmas holding a list with all the family names on it. Cute!

23rd December is a photo of my Christmas cake.  I was quite pleased with how the cake turned out considering I decorated it in a mad rush .  By this time, I realised Christmas was almost upon us! Eeek! The holly leaves were hand cut and the final effect was just what I wanted.

This page for Christmas Eve makes me smile. I love bright fun colours like this for Christmas and these two cookie jars in my kitchen always make me smile. I filled them with goodies in preparation for the following days.

Then, before we knew it, it was Christmas Day! My step dad cooked breakfast for us (wearing his new PJ's) and then.....

we got dressed and opened gifts. For hours.  There were so many! I was thrilled to receive a Cricut Expression 2 as my main gift. I love it, but it's staying safely in it's box at the moment. I am sorting my craft room out soon and so when I have more space for it, I will be able to release it from its current home!

Of course Christmas jumpers were worn on Christmas Day too! Although not for long as we all got too hot!

My poor mum had a rotten cold, so didn't enjoy the festivities too much. She tried on her new dressing gown and boots though and we teased her about how mismatched she looked.

My new PJ's of course needed to be paraded around too!

My step dad insisted on wearing a Christmas cook hat in order to prepare our dinner.

and when he carved the turkey! I think he grew quite fond of it.

Then of course we ate dinner. Pulled crackers, wore paper hats and generally enjoyed. It was all delicious and very traditional.

I tried this Glitter drink by J20 and for some reason decided it needed a place in my album! Well... you don't see these very often and in 20 years time they probably won't make them! LOL

Back to my poor mum who then had an afternoon nap (all afternoon) as she was so poorly. Aren't I a kind daughter taking a photo of her when she is sleeping, making a scrapbook page and then posting it on the internet. She will thank me one day!

Then before we knew it, it was boxing day. There wasn't much happening so I took some photos of my cats! These ones of Rhylee made it to the album.

Then to round my celebrations off my friends visited to exchange more gifts on 27th December ....

play scrabble, enjoy food and drink and generally relax! It was lovely.

Christmas was generally a quiet affair for me this year, but still lots of fun. I cannot believe it's already over and I've been back to work today!   There we have it anyway - my completed Christmas album.  Whilst I may have wandered from the prompts somewhat, it feels great to have a whole album full of layouts and done before the new year gets chance to start properly!


Squirrel said...

My goodness. How did you manage to fit in food and sleep with all that going on? I bow down in awe at your busyness!

That album is just gorgeous, and I love the pics of Jenna. Isn't she a darling?

I hope your Mum is better by now. Mine hurt her knee just before she and Ed came to stay with us, so we had knee therapy going on in between the turkey-fest. Ho hum.

Tam said...

That is a quiet Christmas?? LOL
You made a great album!