Sunday, November 18, 2012

Penguin Egg Cozy

If you were wondering where I have been - I've been sick! :(  I got Glandular Fever pretty badly (Mono in the USA) and it totally wiped me out.  This past week I've gotten back to work and today got in my craft room to make some Christmas cards and fill a card order I had for a local farm. I'm getting there.... slowly! 

I did think I should share some craftyness on my blog today though - haven't done that in a while! So here is a couple of photos of a new edition to my Etsy shop

A penguin egg cozy - great for a Christmas breakfast table! :) LOL

Not long now until Christmas! About 37 days I believe .... have you started your shopping yet? :)


Chelsey said...

So happy you are healthy again and getting back to normal routines!! Thinking of you!

Tam said...

Oh, that is sooo cute! LOL You could make bunnies and chicks for Easter!!