Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pret - free lunch.

It's not often, (in fact never), that I use my blog to talk about services or products I have tried... but I want to make an exception for Pret! The kind people in the Horsham shop, which has recently opened in West Sussex, handed out free lunches to workers a couple of weeks ago and I was one of the lucky recipients.

I was beyond impressed and feel they deserve a shout out for such great products and service.  In my free lunch was a Chicken, Bacon and Salad sandwich on brown bread, a Love bar and a Mango and Passion Fruit juice drink. I also got a free cup of tea.

Not only was everything full sized, it was all really delicious.  The sandwich was filled to the brim and really stuffed with top quality ingredients.  The juice drink was not overpowering but more like a flavoured water.  It really was lovely.

I didn't eat the love bar as I can't eat nuts but instead gave it to a colleague who devoured it in seconds to the tune of many uummmm mmmmm yum nom nom's.

The packaging explained too that at the end of every day Pret hand their food out to homeless people if they have any left on the shelves. I am impressed and will definitely be visiting them for my lunch in the future. Well done Pret and thanks for my free lunch!


Chelsey said...

I loved eating at Pret when I was in England! Their food was really fresh and it tasted good! Wish they would expand in this direction. :)

Squirrel said...

I always loved them - in the days when I ate bready stuff, they were in my top 5. Lucky you to get a free lunch!